Engineering immunotolerance®

Stealth Biologics redesigns and reengineers therapeutic proteins to evade immune recognition.

Biotherapeutics, including antibodies, enzymes, signaling peptides, and toxins, are revolutionizing disease therapy, but these next-generation drugs carry an inherent risk of eliciting detrimental immune responses. Stealth Biologics’ proprietary technology seamlessly integrates advanced computational models, protein design algorithms, and protein engineering methodologies to develop optimized therapeutic candidates that are less immunogenic but functionally equivalent to or better than nature’s own biomolecules.

Engaging Stealth Biologics early in development programs de-risks therapeutic design, and our technology can also be a differentiating factor for bio-betters. We work with you to rapidly and efficiently identify and optimize leads.

Stealth Biologics: Deimmunized by Design®.

Evading immune recognition


A key driver of the immune response to a therapeutic protein is molecular recognition of constituent peptides (gray) by MHC (blue) and TCR (orange) proteins. We render a protein more "stealthy" by mutating it so as to eliminate such immunogenic peptides, while ensuring that the therapeutic function is not compromised.